A Bug Reporter with an Attitude.

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Kamakiri provides developers a convenient way to submit bug reports to Apple's Bug Reporter. It does this by collecting your existing bug reports in a quickly searchable list, providing an easy way to update or submit new ones, and always staying within easy reach.

Kamakiri makes reporting bugs about the products you love something you don't need to dread thinking about.


Kamakiri makes it easy to start writing a bug report when it is fresh in your mind, and leave the details for later when you are ready to submit it. Attach multiple files easily, including images straight from your clipboard, and have the latest versions of common products autocompleted for you so you don't have to look them up.

Streamlined UI

Viewing a bug online isn't necessarily the easiest of tasks. Kamakiri does the hard work and brings it all to you, either in its own window, or in your status bar.

Additionally, Kamakiri creates conversations for you by organizing all your messages as they come in, and highlighting important instructions.

Automatic Updating

Kamakiri automatically updates your bugs. When a bug is ready for your attention, Kamakiri will notify you with a Notification. Kamakiri will also notify you when duplicates are closed, and a simple click from Notification Center will open that bug when you are ready to look at it.

Save It for Later

Too busy to fill out a bug report right away? Start your bug report at any time, and fill out the details later. Kamakiri will save your drafts for when you are ready. Best of all, you can work on multiple drafts at the same time.

Start Reporting…

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"Radar or GTFO" is a common joke between developers, but the reality of it is that most chose the "GTFO" route instead due to its impracticability. Change that today and give Kamakiri a try!

Download Kamakiri now to try out all of its features. The trial version supports everything except bug submission, so when you are ready to send out your first bug, Kamakiri will kindly wait while you acquire a license 😉

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