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Kamakiri Bug Reporter — Help

What does Kamakiri mean?

Kamakiri is a Japanese word, usually written as かまきり or 蟷螂, that means "praying mantis", a bug well known to prey after other bugs, even their own kind. Kamakiri does that well, by putting you in control to squash (and perhaps eat, if that's your thing!) the bugs you find.

What is a Developer ID?

Only registered Apple 3rd party developers have access to Bug Reporter. You can register to become a 3rd party developer for free on Apple's Developer site.

Does Kamakiri work with other bug tracking systems?

Kamakiri was designed to make accessing Radar Web more convenient. As such, it only works with Apple's Bug Reporter.

Should I Report Kamakiri bugs in Kamakiri?

No! Bugs reported with Kamakiri will only be seen by teams at Apple, so please don't send Kamakiri related bugs to Apple. Instead, please send them to our email instead.

I've Lost My License.

If you lost the original copy of your license and need to reinstall Kamakiri on another computer, please contact our so we can send you a new copy.

I Want to Add Another ID to My License.

If you still have seats left on your license, you can revisit the URL you were linked to when you purchased the license to add more IDs. If you would like to be re-sent this link, please contact so we can send you a new one. If you have no more seats left, you can purchase a new license.

Kamakiri gives me loading errors.

Due to the way Apple's Bug reporter is built, Kamakiri has to log in by simulating a browser and navigating on your behalf. Sometimes, Kamakiri encounters an error on the Bug Reporter's side, so it asks you to make sure you can still log in. If you can log in via the site, and Kamakiri cannot after several tries, please contact our email as there might be a change to the site itself.

Why Can't Kamakiri Auto-Install Updates?

Due to the way App Sandbox is implemented, it is hard to have an app replace itself with a copy it downloaded from the internet. The only way around this would be to disable App Sandbox, which is undesirable due to its security benefits. If you however have any suggestions, please let us know via our email!

Generating a System Configuration

To obtain a full System Information Report:

  1. Select "About This Mac" from the Apple Menu
  2. Click the "More Info…" button on the About This Mac window
  3. Click "System Report…" on the next About This Mac window
  4. Select "Save…" from the File menu (cmd-s)
  5. Change the file name and save location as needed
  6. Click the "Save" button

A System Information Report can also be obtained via Terminal using the following command:

/usr/sbin/system_profiler -detailLevel full -xml >mymachine.spx

This command will create a full System Information Report, named "mymachine.spx", which will open on another machine.

Please attach the file to your bug report.

Migrate from Beta 4

To migrate from beta 4, enter the following commands into Terminal:

$ mv ~/Library/Containers/com.mochidev.Mantis ~/Library/Containers/com.mochidev.Kamakiri
$ cd ~/Library/Containers/com.mochidev.Kamakiri/Data/Library/Preferences/
$ mv com.mochidev.Mantis com.mochidev.Kamakiri
$ cd ~/Library/Containers/com.mochidev.Kamakiri/Data/Application\ Support/
$ mv Mantis Kamakiri

Then, launch Kamakiri. You may need to re-login with your Apple ID.

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